Trade Compliance: Exporting to Indonesia


Saturday, 20th January 2024

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Subject matters to learn and discuss:

  • Introduction to Indonesia customs & trade regimes
  • Indonesia trade and logistics infrastructure: system and physical
  • Institutions and other stakeholders involved in the cross border trade
  • Product classification: first key, but not all, to your trade compliance
  • Overview of import process: from vessel arrival to cargo release
  • Customs & trade compliance aspects on import into Indonesia
  • Identification of your product import levies and special requirements
  • Customs and trade compliance control conducted by the authorities
  • Dispute resolution mechanism on official customs compliance assessment


This webinar will give you full awareness of trade compliance, with some technical guidance, when you export your products to Indonesia. Whether you are exporter, suppliers, trade agents, customs brokers or freight forwarders, this webinar is very relevant and important to you. Everyone is welcome to join